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Tools: Adobe Illustrator

I was commissioned by the very awesome Heather to draw some kind of Destiel, in chibi style. So I drew very fluffy cutesy Destiel featuring confused+bashful Castiel and flirty Dean, because I’m allergic to sexy Destiel. Need to work on drawing bodies more often; anatomy is very difficult for me. For example, what direction are they walking in? “Into the sunset, hand in hand.” 

Castiel was extremely easy to draw, but Dean gave me nightmares and I’m still reeling from the torment of drawing Dean. He’s my favorite character besides Cas, but incredibly hard to draw for some reason? Maybe it’s the lack of flowy clothes and crazy hair? Drawing that sort of thing comes much more naturally to me than the stiff outline Dean’s silhouette has. 

Anyway, I made two versions, Demon!Dean and regular Dean. All in all really fun and I hope Heather likes it, despite how unsexy it is. HA.

Dean Winchester throughout the seasons


finding fanfiction i haven’t read yet


"Hey, up and at them kiddo…"  (4x14)