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JENSEN ACKLES and MISHA COLLINS: One of the most requested of all photo ops we’ve only been able to offer this once before! (Sunday)


Bonus points to anyone who can utilize their Misha/Jensen photo-op to get another awesome picture like this!

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Look I’m all for fun photo ops, but when you encourage fans to take photos like this, you’re also encouraging the people that take stuff like this WAY too far and end up making the actors uncomfortable.


Jensen Ackles Season 9 Promotional Shoot Outake

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Anton Troy was heckled by a homophobe during a performance of Cat On A Hot Tin Roof.  Fellow actor John Lacy nutted up, came off stage, and escorted the homophobe out of the theatre. John was fired and Anton quit in solidarity. Production was cancelled. The acting community rallied, with The Actor’s Gang bringing the production to their stage and turning it into a fundraiser  Now Anton and John want to share their story.

Please support A Morbid Shyness

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You know what’s funny? I get mistaken for the guy on Supernatural. People are like, “You know what? You look like that guy from Supernatural.” I’m like, “I get that all the time. That’s really cool! I’m gonna have to start watching the show.”

My DCBB posting date isn’t until November 27th. That’s two months in, what if everyone’s burnt out on Destiel fic by then!?!?!??! AHHHH I SHOULD HAVE ASKED THEM TO MOVE THE DATE!!!

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